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At HRGi, client data security and seamless integration are top priorities. HRGi maintains robust internal IT resources, and our extensive experience and flexible technology allows us to integrate workflows based on each client’s specific needs. For Medical Claims, HRGi can customize EDI implementations to each of our clients’ existing layouts and workflows for ease of implementation and minimal client disruption. HRGi protects client data and member PHI by utilizing industry best practices and technology.

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Medical Cost-Containment:
ClaimSAVE™ Technology

All claims are not created equal, and a strategic approach to each claim is necessary to maximize out-of-network savings. At HRGi, we do this with skilled negotiators, continuous training and process improvements, and our own Claims Scoring and Valuation Engine, known as ClaimSAVE™.

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Pharmacy Cost-Containment Solutions

  • Storage of key contractual information, including the ability to support various calculation methodologies
  • Facilitates comparative market analysis prior to submission, producing optimal results
  • Reporting and modeling capabilities demonstrate impact of changes to contract terms, formulary and shifts in market share

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Provider Revenue Cycle Management:
myClaimStatus® and myClaimAnalytics™

myClaimStatus® We have automated the process of interrogating payor portals to identify denied, pending or unprocessed claims; providing a provider’s billing staff actionable data weeks before the remittance arrives. This replaces the need for billing staff to call or go online to get additional information, such as the detailed line item denial information that isn’t available within the standard ANSI 277, saving providers time and money.

myClaimAnalytics™ offers an interactive, cloud-based analytics tool that accompanies the myClaimStatus service to provide detailed insights into a provider’s revenue cycle.

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