Pharmacy Cost-Containment

Through Comprehensive Clinical Solutions, we empower our customers to lower their drug spend through active formulary management, channel optimization, data analytics and enhanced purchasing power. We specialize in solving complex prescription and medical pharmacy challenges for our clients. Our smart solutions leverage our industry-leading experience and technology to deliver consistent, proven cost savings results. Built on a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, our solutions are focused on challenging the PBM and health plan industry status quo and serving our clients and their bottom line.

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Services Offered

Formulary Management Optimization

Services to guide members to clinically effective medications at the lowest net cost.

Rebate Administration

Comprehensive program includes claims submission management, drug trend reporting and improved manufacturing contracting position through enhanced purchasing power.

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Reporting

Robust data aggregation analytics and reporting capabilities in an intuitive dashboard produces actionable information at the point of decision-making to improve business and health outcomes and reduce costs. Flexible user interface with customizable trend indicators aggregates, stratifies and analyzes data from multiple sources and includes ad hoc and on-demand reporting functionality.

Medical Pharmacy Management

Integrated programs incorporate both medical and pharmacy benefits, reducing gaps in care, inappropriate use and ultimately breeding lower costs and improved outcomes. Furthermore, we utilize advanced analytics to design customized, flexible solutions to ensure drugs are being administered at the most clinically appropriate site.

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