HRGi offers innovative technology and cost-containment solutions that help healthcare payers effectively manage out-of-network expenses


HRGi clients include Insurance Companies, Health Plans, TPA’s, Bill Review Companies, HMO’s, Taft-Hartley Funds, Specialty Programs and more.

Fee Negotiation Services

By employing experienced, skilled negotiators and customizing our strategic approach to each claim tier, we are able to produce superior discounts, timely resolutions and satisfied patients and providers.

Domestic and International Services

With an estimated 50 million consumers having access to our services, our domestic and international clients are located across the United States and Canada.

Innovative Solutions

Our industry-unique solutions and technology combine and optimize both person-to-person fee negotiation and provider network repricing through a single coordinated workflow that leverages our automated home-grown algorithms.

Supplemental Network Services

We partner with national and regional network providers representing more than 550,000 providers, 4,000 hospitals and over 60,000 ancillary facilities.

Medicare-Based Repricing

HRGi Medicare-Based Repricing services for out-of-network reimbursement, can be customized and implemented to expand and increase overall plan savings.

How It Works

Most traditional cost-containment programs focus on high dollar thresholds for fee negotiation or rely on run-of-the-mill fax programs to approach providers. HRGi’s ClaimSAVE™ technology, sorts through claims to identify those with the greatest savings potential. HRGi’s proprietary algorithms enable HRGi to achieve significant discounts on claims of all sizes.

HRGi’s proprietary algorithm, ClaimSAVE, maximizes savings for clients through the optimization of the combined fee negotiation and provider network strategy. This industry-unique approach consistently delivers the deepest overall savings without disruption to our clients and the providers.

All fee negotiations are conducted by our in-house team of experts and memorialized in writing, supported by digitally recorded calls with the medical providers. Our industry-unique business model results in deeper discounts, virtually no provider pushback, and superior customer service levels.

ClaimSAVE™ Technology

All claims are not created equal, and a strategic approach to each claim is necessary to maximize out-of-network savings. At HRGi, we do this with skilled negotiators, continuous training and process improvements, and our own Claims Scoring and Valuation Engine, known as ClaimSAVE™.

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A Strategic Approach to Fee Negotiation

Many traditional programs require high dollar thresholds for fee negotiation or rely on auto fax programs to deliver straight discount requests to providers. At HRGi, fee negotiation is the cornerstone of our comprehensive out-of-network savings program. By employing experienced, skilled negotiators, expert systems, along with ongoing training and refinement, HRGi consistently outperforms the industry averages. We deliver custom fee negotiation solutions that maximize value from your largest to your smallest claims. All fee negotiations are memorialized in writing, supported by digitally recorded calls, delivering deeper discounts with virtually no provider pushback and high customer satisfaction. The results are exceptional, just ask our clients.

Supplemental Network Services

In addition to our proprietary fee negotiation services, HRGi partners with national and regional network providers representing more than 550,000 providers, 4,000 hospitals and over 60,000 ancillary facilities nationwide. Our provider network can be accessed separately or bundled with fee negotiation, as part of a comprehensive cost-containment strategy.

HRGi has developed industry-leading cost-containment solutions for Insurance Companies, Health Plans, TPA's, Bill Review Companies, Taft-Hartley Funds and Specialty Programs. This is achieved by utilizing a strategy that combines and optimizes both fee negotiation and provider networks through a single workflow and portal.

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HRGi International

HRGi, founded in 1990, is uniquely positioned as one of the few cost-containment organizations in the United States marketplace that offers proprietary fee negotiation services, with the option to also include a vast, nationwide supplemental provider network. This is all accomplished through a single portal, which facilitates a seamless workflow for our clients.

Working directly with HRGi, our clients experience lower access fees (with multi-year guarantees), deeper discounts (supported by performance guarantees), and industry-leading service levels.

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Make HRGi your healthcare cost-containment solution

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